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We are an Australian family-owned business, established on December 19th 2008. Our goal is to achieve excellence by completing projects on budget and on time giving our clients peace of mind, value for money and quality service. This means understanding our clients’ needs and nurturing a team culture of leadership, teamwork, honesty and innovation.

About Us

About Us

At McNally Group we pride ourselves on being a company that’s easy to deal with. We take time to understand our clients requirements and then collaboratively put a plan in place to ensure that we deliver on the required expectations whilst at all times maintaining a positive and productive relationship. We understand that construction projects can at times be difficult and varying stresses can be placed on both the project and its stakeholders. We passionately believe that prefabrication can benefit almost all projects and in turn make projects easier, faster and safer which obviously leads to less stress.

Originally we began manufacturing complete modular buildings, whether they were single module buildings or multiple module buildings which were complexed together on site. From here we evolved to a Hybrid Construction process whereby we manufactured modular buildings which were sent to site and placed upon traditional site built structures. The benefit of this type of construction was that it meant we could be finishing the upper floor modules whilst the lower levels were being built and the overlap lead to significant schedule savings. In addition to the schedule there were many other added benefits such as safety and quality.

With a greater understanding of how prefabrication can work in with traditional construction methods we’ve developed our ‘Prefabricated Building Component’ range to assist building companies with their projects. Evidence of this is how our bathroom pods for projects such as hotels, apartment complexes, hospitals etc. can increase quality and dramatically speed up construction schedules and therefore lead to overall project savings.

At McNally Group we have our own Steel Fabrication division which not only fabricates our steel chassis’, floor, wall and roof frames it also manufactures structural steel members for large sheds, factories, workshops, warehouses etc. This division also services external clients looking to improve efficiencies in their projects. Like our building division our steel fabrication division has its own custom QA/QC plans and processes that have been stringently tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance are achieved for both our internal and external customers.

This complete, start to finish understanding of both the prefabrication process and the Hybrid process where we combine with traditional building methods puts McNally Group in a class of its own as a specialist in the prefabricated construction industry.

Our Commitment


Our commitment to you is the highest level of customer service and personal involvement offering a sustainable design, precision construction and attention to detail.



At McNally Group we use sustainable design methods ensures your project is environmentally friendly and achieves the highest possible energy rating. We design to make the most of natural elements such as sun, shade, air circulation, building materials and water conservation so you can reduce energy output, save money, save water which will decrease waste and improve the health of you and the planet.