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We are an Australian family-owned business, established on December 19th 2008. Our goal is to achieve excellence by completing projects on budget and on time giving our clients peace of mind, value for money and quality service. This means understanding our clients’ needs and nurturing a team culture of leadership, teamwork, honesty and innovation.

About Us

Board of Directors

Glenn McNally
Director of Construction

Glenn is a registered plumber by trade and brings over 8 years of industry experience. As the former Manufacturing Supervisor of Nomad Consolidated Pty Ltd, prior to sale in December 2005, Glenn was responsible for the oversight of quality and delivery of each project. Before establishing McNally Group, Glenn oversaw the construction of an innovative boat design and liaised with manufacturers in Singapore to license design and intellectual property. Glenn will focus on supervising the quality control and construction of each and every project the company undertakes.

Mark McNally
Director of Business Development

A young entrepreneur, Mark has a diverse background he draws from with experience as a professional athlete, a number of roles in the public sector and the successful start-up of four companies over the last six years. The companies are diverse in their range of activities which support Mark’s vision and enthusiasm to ‘do things differently’ and compete in some of the most competitive established markets places. Mark’s laser-like focus on customer experience, continual improvement and an insatiable appetite for new learnings form the foundations of McNally Group’s approach – providing a point of differentiation and ensuring a tailored approach for each client.

Rhys McNally
Director of Procurement

Starting off out the back as a yard hand, Rhys began to grasp the modular building industry and how the manufacturing process worked. Having spent time seeing how it worked on the outside, Rhys then applied what he had learnt to his new role as a storeman. After serving 12 months in stores, Rhys began helping with the Procurement side of the business and is now the Head of Procurement and the operations supervisor. With 4 years of experience Rhys is determined to make sure every job is on time and on budget.

Jake McNally
Business Development

Jake has an extensive experience in sales and currently holds the position as Business Development for McNally Group. He takes a high interest in the clients’ needs and point of view with willingness to spend time to analysing and proposing solutions. Honesty and openness is a value that Jake regards highly when dealing with clients as it provides the most efficient and productive direction forward.