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We are an Australian family-owned business, established on December 19th 2008. Our goal is to achieve excellence by completing projects on budget and on time giving our clients peace of mind, value for money and quality service. This means understanding our clients’ needs and nurturing a team culture of leadership, teamwork, honesty and innovation.

About Us

Bespoke Living by McNally Group

THINK BIG! We’ll help you envision a better way. BESPOKE LIVING brings those ideas to life. We create, we inspire, and most importantly, we make it happen! Our modern prefabricated architectural homes are custom designed and proudly made to order in Australia. We provide adaptable, beautifully designed homes and living spaces to suit any location and budget. Contact us for more information.


As commercial builders with a difference, we create structures that are uniquely designed for personal living conditions and preferences. Our creative wide and narrow lot designs utilise ‘lived in’ space and adopt a sustainable approach to permanent or holiday living, wherever the location. With a modern, minimalist aesthetic, our bespoke designs reflect an environmental consciousness, while the clean lines and strong forms represent simplicity and architectural clarity.

Bespoke living uses standard prefabricated modules to create a configuration that suits your lifestyle and site constraints. All components are factory built and delivered, or built on-site allowing structures to be easily placed and completed by a few, rather than constructed by many. A great solution for clients who require small permanent add-ons such as granny flats, or full offices that need to move with operations. The ideal solution for relocatable offices and sustainable homes.


Sustainability is about reducing the negative impact on the environment. We customise every design to achieve a minimum 7-star thermal performance rating – depending on orientation. The integration of sustainable features such as lightweight and low maintenance materials maximises ventilation through the strategic positioning of doors and windows, and by making best use of any natural light to minimise the costs of heating and cooling. Portable buildings can be moved and positioned to suit your sustainable and logistical needs without impacting on the environment.

This efficient construction method ensures short-term savings, and the use of environmentally friendly utilities will help decrease energy bills in the long term. Incorporating eco-friendly design components has immediate and long lasting lifestyle and health benefits, and can boost the value of your property.
Visit us today and view our display suite, fitted and equipped to represent a full sustainable and portable home; our team will show you how the property is created and constructed. It’s a very exciting prospect for property owners who want to add sustainable property value to their lives.


Step 1 – Project Consultation

This initial part of the process is for us to gain an understanding of what you would like to achieve and whether modular construction suits your requirements.

Please provide as much information as possible. Ideally plans or drawings, site plans, surveys, photos, magazines / Instagram / Pinterest etc.

Investment – Nil

Step 2 – Site Inspection

Our project team will visit your site to investigate items such as accessibility, location and orientation, existing structures and/or obstructions. It also provides an opportunity to further discuss your design ideas and where the building will be installed.

Investment – Nil

Step 3 – Project Plan

Based on the information gathered during the initial two steps of the project process Bespoke Living will prepare a proposed Project Plan including the following:

  • Project brief
  • Conceptual designs
  • Budget costings

Investment $5K

Step 4 – Concept Development

Refine concept from your feedback.

If Planning Approval is required MG can facilitate this process.
Investment – If Planning Approval is required, from $5k to $15k (depending on Planning costs) otherwise Nil.

Step 5 – Detail Design

Engage professional consultants such as Structural Engineers, Building Surveyors etc. as required for your project.

Integrate your final comments from the conceptual design with the feedback from our consultants to finalise detailed drawings.

Investment – $10k

Step 6 – Finalise Cost and Contract

Finalise scope or works, specifications, construction program, costs and contractual terms and conditions.

Step 7 – Construct

MG will commence construction of your project in accordance with the construction program.

You will be invited to regular inspections of your project at our state of the art facility in Henderson Western Australia.

Upon completion you will be required to approve the building so it can be released from our factory.

Step 8 – Transport and Installation

Your building will be transported to site and installed as per the construction program.

We will arrange a final inspection and handover so you can enjoy your new home.
Investment – As per payment terms detailed in the contract