McNally Mates

There have been some ups and downs in the McNally journey, but the one thing that has remained steadfast is a commitment to our people, subcontractors, suppliers and clients. Along the way we’ve welcomed new people, with their different skills, perspectives and workplace cultures, and we’ve worked together to integrate, adapt and collaborate to deliver unrivalled results.

At the heart of the McNally brand is our family values. The way we ensure these values are sustained is through the continued living and breathing of Mateship, Equality and Teamwork.  


We create a workplace where our employees, subcontractors and Clients work shoulder to shoulder more like mates than just colleagues. McNally Mates is about looking out for each other, having one another’s back at all times, and never leaving anyone behind.


At McNally, we treat everyone as equals.  The success of the business centres around people with different backgrounds and experiences who bring with them a variety of perspectives, strengths and skills.  People can express their beliefs with the confidence that they will be listened to and respected.  To achieve equality, we must celebrate diversity.


Working together as a team is vital to the success of our business.  Our subcontractors and suppliers are a vital part of our team.  We treat them as if they are one of our own; our mates. Pulling together creates a safer and more harmonious workplace.