About Us

McNally Mining and Resources is a sector of the diversified and experienced construction company McNally Group.
We have become one of the trusted names in the construction industry by establishing dedicated professional teams across all sectors that are aligned by a common Core Purpose and Core Values which drive us to be the best in our fields.

McNally Mining and Resources provide real full turn-key solutions for accommodation villages and non- process infrastructure to the mining, resources, oil & gas sectors.

Our clients are repeat clients who enjoy the way we operate. This is achieved by delivering on the promise that we make to each one of our clients which is, “We do what we say we are going to do. Build to the highest quality, first time, on time, all the time.” As simple as it seems, this promise has helped us develop a reputation within the industry that has seen us grow the company to what it is today.

Another key element to our success is the partnership approach we take with our clients that have similar core values. This enables McNally Mining & Resources to align and work together in a collaborative manner to pursue and attain common project goals. It’s important to review, negotiate and understand the contracts that we’re engaged in by our clients however, once the contract is agreed and executed we work together in an honest and transparent manner to foster a strong, positive relationship with an aim to not having to refer to the contract. This is a proven approach which is why once we win work with our clients we continue to win repeat business.