NAIDOC celebrations at Agnew Village

Ammbigai Muir is a Tjiwarl traditional owner and artist based in Leonora.

This sculpture was first shown at the internationally renowned Cottesloe Sculpture by the Sea event in 2019.

Ammbigai was inspired by a painting, Seven Sisters Dreaming, painted by her Nanna (Dolly Walker), who was a senior traditional owner and cultural law woman for the Agnew/Tjiwarl country.

“Nanna’s Seven Sisters painting shows an important dreaming site in the desert, linked with women’s dreaming, but her painting also tells an amusing story of my dad and my uncle as small children when Nanna dug some Bardie grubs to bring home to my dad who was boarding at a hostel in Leonora to attend school. She dug the bardies to bring home, but my uncle who was a toddler at the time ate all the bardies so my poor dad never got to eat any bardies! I added my bits to the Story by including images showing the personal dreaming totems of my family, Dad the Dingo dreaming, my eldest brother is Galah Dreaming, second brother Karlkula fruit and myself Emu Egg dreaming”.

The Seven Sisters Dreaming is an important Tjukurrpa or Dreaming story that travels through the Agnew country.

The plaque reads.
In grateful appreciation for contribution by many people to make this Village possible and creating a new chapter for the Agnew Gold Mine.

Kindly donated by McNally (village builder) and the Gold Fields Management Team who worked in partnership to deliver the project.

July 2019