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We are an Australian family-owned business, established on December 19th 2008. Our goal is to achieve excellence by completing projects on budget and on time giving our clients peace of mind, value for money and quality service. This means understanding our clients’ needs and nurturing a team culture of leadership, teamwork, honesty and innovation.

About Us

Prefab Specialist

At McNally Group we pride ourselves on being a company that’s delivers a seamless design and construction process. We take time to understand our clients requirements and then collaboratively put a plan in place to ensure that we deliver on the required expectations. This is achieved whilst at all times maintaining a positive and productive relationship. We understand that construction projects can at times be difficult and varying stresses can be placed on both the project and its stakeholders. We passionately believe that prefabrication can benefit most projects and in turn, complete projects faster, easier, and safer.

Why Prefab?

Prefabricated construction has come a long way over the past years and presents a much-needed shift in efficiency, innovation, and productivity. McNally Group have been here from the start specialising in prefabricated structures and are passionate in demonstrating the key differences in why prefab is the way of the future.

Key Points of Difference

Time Efficient – With the majority of the build controlled in the factory we minimise the risk of time and weather delays.

Custom Designed – Every project is designed specifically to our clients requirements. Working alongside some of Perth’s best architects, the client is assured they are receiving the highest quality, innovative designs.

Australian Made – We proudly manufacture in our West Australian factory 100% of the time.

Environmentally Sustainable – Here at McNally group we pride ourselves on our unique quality controlled environment where we source only the best products and can confidently minimise waste.

Quality Controlled – Our state of the art factory results in a stream-lined, efficient process with less disruptions and less waste.

Durability – Our processes have been stringently tested to ensure the highest levels of quality and performance are achieved for both our internal and external customers. From the remote outback villages to residential coastal living, our structures have been built and tested against Australia’s harshest conditions.