Christmas Creek Refurbishment

Client: FMG

Project Name: Christmas Creek Refurbishment

Location: 61km South-West of Nullagine


FMG were planning construction on a new power plant 61km south-south-west of Nullagine.

Their nearest operational camp, Karntama Village, was running at full capacity, with no room for increased staff numbers. The solution was to refurbish the nearby Christmas Creek construction camp, an ageing asset plus amenities. The power plant was a priority project so a shortened timeframe was required for refurbishment of the construction camp.

FMG engaged McNally to partner with them on the project on a cost plus contract, which attests to the strength and trust of our relationship.

With refurbishment projects, visual inspection doesn’t provide the full picture—you can’t be certain how much work is required until you begin the process. Unknown issues can lead to lengthy procurement lead times and raise safety challenges that you can’t plan for in advance.

To combat this, McNally Head Office played a strategic support role for the onsite crew. They made themselves available to give the onsite teams the assistance and flexibility they needed to get the job done quickly. In turn, the onsite crews created thorough and extensive plans to manage any unforeseen issues. Multiple meetings were held each week to ensure the project was on track and issues were dealt with as they were identified, and a strong procurement method was developed to ensure the shortest possible lead times.

As a result of this strategic planning, Stage 1 of the project was completed within a five-month timeframe. The success of Stage 1 led FMG to engage McNally for Stage 2, which saw us refurbish another 500 rooms within the camp.

As a result, we enabled FMG to revitalise and reactivate an ageing 1000-person camp in an extremely short timeframe, transforming it into a usable asset that provides the manpower for their new project in the area.