Gold Fields Office Relocation

Client: Gold Fields
Project name: Gold Fields Office Relocation
Location: 20km South of Laverton
Project timeline: 12 weeks

Gold Fields awarded McNally Contracting the relocation and refurbishment of a 6 module office complex from their St Ives site to their Granny Smith site as well as other various works.

The works included the decommissioning, deconstruction, refurbishment and transportation of the 6 module office building from St Ives to Granny Smith. The refurbishment works included the installation of two additional modules to the complex, removal and addition of internal walls, replacement of floor coverings, replacement of cabinetry, new painting to internal walls, relocation of buildings distribution board and supply of veranda to surround the complex.

In addition to the office refurbishment an old run down ablution building on the Granny Smith site was also refurbished. This included stripping the entire building and fitting it out with all new plumbing supplies and internals.

Various buildings on the Granny Smith site were also demolished and removed by McNally Contracting to make way for the relocated office complex.