Jindee Residential Estate Sales Office

Client: Estates Development Company
Project name: Jindee Residential Estate Sales Office
Location: Jindalee
Project timeline: 5 months

Estates Development Company came to McNally Group with a bold design for their Jindee Residential Estate sales office. The architecturally designed sales office boasts a range of aesthetically pleasing design elements including full height floor to ceiling glass walls surrounding the majority of the building, a seamless infinity rooftop terrace and meticulously detailed cedar cladding.

One of the benefits of modular construction is that when the Jindee sales office is no longer required the building will be relocated and repurposed as a café on the beachfront highlighting the versatility of modular construction.

The forward-thinking design had its challenges as it was not designed for modular construction originally and had multiple design elements that had not been included in a modular building in the West Australian market previously.

Minimal internal support columns were an important factor to the client as to not disrupt the flow of the building within. This normally isn’t difficult to achieve however with this office design the majority of the building was surrounded by full height floor to ceiling glass walls that could not flex more than 3mm. This is crucial when the modules are being lifted and installed onsite via crane otherwise the glass would shatter and break. It would have been easy to direct the client into using less glass on the office when modifying the design to suit modular construction however keeping in line with our core purpose which is to build better McNally enthusiastically rose to the challenge by keeping all of the glass from the original design and engineered the structure to only flex 1mm during movement and installation of the modules.