Jaxon Construction – The Quattro Project

Client: Jaxon Construction
Project name: The Quattro Project
Location: South Hedland
Project timeline: 11 Months

The Quattro project was a very unique project, the first of its kind in the Pilbara region and possibly Western Australia.

BHP were developing a residential site in South Hedland and awarded the head contract to Jaxon Construction to build 55 town houses. The project had very tight timeframes and stringent safety requirements, in particular working at heights. With this in mind and off the back of working with McNally on the ERA Hostel Project Jaxon proposed to BHP that they have McNally manufacture the first floor modules offsite and place on top of a traditionally constructed ground floor. The offsite manufacturing lead to a shorter construction schedule and no working at heights as the modules arrived completely finished.

BHP accepted the new ‘Hybrid Design’ on the proviso that the first floor had to be identical in terms of look and feel to that of traditional construction. The result was a great success with the project being unrecognizable as a ‘transportable’ design. The condensed schedule delivered great results to both Jaxon and BHP and the reduced man hours on site and no working at heights also lead to zero safety incidents.

The success of this project will no doubt lead to further ‘Hybrid Design’ incorporating offsite, prefabricated modules and traditional construction where applicable.