Eagle Bay, Western Australia

Client: Grant Mooney
Project name: Private client
Location: Eagle Bay, Western Australia
Project timeline: 6 weeks

Eagle Bay is one of Western Australia’s most sought after destinations and is well known for its over the top million dollar dream homes.

McNally Group were approached by a client who had a different view on what his dream home was to look like and we’re very happy that he did.

What you see in the sneak peek photos is a truly unique building that was designed to nestle in to its surroundings in order to create a rustic beachside hideaway.

Built as part of a 2 stage bespoke ousing project this building provides a cozy atmosphere for the whole family with the use of multiple timber products including internal pine linings from a 300 year old Swiss Chapel.

Now installed onsite the home will provide immediate holiday enjoyment whilst we commence planning for the much larger stage 2 modules.