Kerman/Rio Tinto Nammuldi  NPI Buildings

Kerman/Rio Tinto

Project Name
Nammuldi  NPI Building’s

60km North West of Tom Price

The Nammuldi Below Water Table (NBWT) iron ore deposits are located within the West Pilbara Region of Western Australia. Specifically the NBWT deposits are located adjacent to Rio Tinto’s existing Brockman 2 operations.

McNally Group were engaged by Kerman Contracting to provide the design, manufacture, transportation and installation of the mine service buildings and support facilities which comprise the NBWT process plant area.

The buildings included multiple ablutions, crib rooms, ice rooms offices and a medical centre. The largest building was a 36 module office that was designed for the permanent operating staff on site.

This office was to be the sites crown jewel by being built to all of Rio Tinto’s highest specifications in order to provide the staff with the uppermost level of comfort. The industry leading interior fit out design required meticulous detail while the furniture supplied was second to none even making some Perth based employees jealous. The HVAC design was an art in itself with mechanical fresh air having to be pumped throughout the building while maintaining certain humidity levels.

The project was a great opportunity to show that there is no reason why office designs on site can’t be just as good if not better than what Perth based staff can expect in the City.