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We are an Australian family-owned business, established on December 19th 2008. Our goal is to achieve excellence by completing projects on budget and on time giving our clients peace of mind, value for money and quality service. This means understanding our clients’ needs and nurturing a team culture of leadership, teamwork, honesty and innovation.

About Us

Research & Development

Prefabrication has come a long way in recent years and McNally Group are passionate about developing innovative ways of improving our customer service and delivery processes. The commitment to provide manufacturing and construction services incorporating the latest technology to some of the most inhospitable and difficult to access regions of the world has meant the company has implemented a continued process of improvement, innovation, material and design. To this end, our R&D team of Designers, Engineers and Operational staff are constantly developing and trialling unique designs, alternative materials and improved manufacturing processes for prefabricated volumetric modular units.


In order to stay ahead of the curve new materials, designs, processes, and prototypes are put through a stringent protocol of testing in various conditions that allow learning and innovation to take place. Modifications and adjustments are made throughout the R&D trials based on feedback of the design elements, project management and manufacturing processes. This process reveals any shortcomings and potential flaws that can be addressed before the building is even constructed.